why is remote computer repair better?

Below, we’ll show you the main reasons why remote support is better than conventional repair at the neighborhood store:

  • Zero Problem Response Time (after an error has been reported, an available technician will connect directly to your computer to fix the problem without the need for transfer and movement)
  • At any point (whether you are in the office or at home or on vacation)
  • Non-billing unlimited time to resolve problems (to fix your problem, you will not be worried about how long the repair will last for the technician to charge you
  • Because everything is done in front of you, throughout the repair. Full job transparency
  • In many instances of damaged hardware, the repair of the diagnosis is unprofitable for the customer. This is avoided with the remote fix, as in some cases our technicians will inform you of replacement costs objectively, without benefit.
  • That’s why we can support you 24 hours a day 365 days a year