It is simple! One of our technicians will connect to your computer remotely through internet and in a while will make all the nessecary tasks to get cleaned from advertisments, trash, viruses and unwanted programs that has been installed and slowing down your computer. The repair is done from exprerienced technicians without the need of moving your computer to a computer shop or the onsite visit of technician. It is done exclusive REMOTELY through INTERNET while your are watching at your screen all the process of the repairs until the end.

In order to be able to connect at your computer remotely we need to get access by downloading the remote support program and run it at the computer to be repaired.


  1. Download remote support program for Windows or Macintosh
  2. Buy the package
  3. Call the call center 001 9175085015 and follow the automated system leave a voicemail indicating: the name you provided when purchasing the service, the ID code showing you the remote support program, and the problem you are experiencing in detail
  4. Keep the remote support program open


Within 60 minutes our specialized technician will connect to the internet and clean up your PC as you simply monitor your repair work. We will inform you via SMS text messages throughout your mobile phone about the progress of the repair as well as its completion. In the event that you cannot repair through the information you provided us when purchasing the service, we may call you to correct the problem and continue the repair or otherwise refund.

Suitable for laptops or laptops, for personal or professional use. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The repair package is available for operating systems with the following languages: ENG | English



  • Under no circumstances will your data be deleted during the repair process and there is no reason to worry
  • Installing or maintaining commercial software without the required license from the manufacturer is solely the responsibility of the company to which the computer belongs
  • All software used in the repair process is free, either freely, legally licensed, or open source, and it remains installed for future use without compromising your PC speed.
  • Installation and support of specialized software from third parties such as accounting software etc. are not supported by our company. Responsible for the maintenance and proper operation of these programs is the respective manufacturer of the program