IT support

59,97 can take over and fully meet the IT needs of your business over the internet. With the fixed charge support contract from our dedicated staff, computers will always be reliable, fast and secure. Three-month package. Select the number of computers:



Direct 24-hour technical support remotely over the internet to zero the response time for any problem you encounter.

  • Computerized business with fixed maintenance cost €19,99 / month per job (minimum 3 months) (the job includes all regional units)
  • Immediate technical support of each issue via internet 24/365 (zero response time due to absence of visits and visits of technicians)
  • Full management of all network infrastructure (branch network organization with centralized control of these)
  • Phone support 24/365
  • Unlimited number of problem solvers without extra charge
  • Unlimited time for troubleshooting without extra charge
  • Preventive check of good hardware operation with specialized programs
  • Regular updates and program upgrades
  • IT consulting
  • Same charge rate for servers / workstations
  • Reduce telecommunication costs through specialized studies
  • Apply backup solutions to each work unit to secure your data in case of theft / fire or hardware failure. Local and cloud site solutions without additional charges
  • A complete range of IT solutions through
  • onsite support upon request


By computing your business from you will be 100% covered that your machines are working smoothly, fast and securely, constantly.

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3 months