Our technicians are 24h/365d online to fix your computer problems remotely through internet worldwide. Clean your computer from viruses, spams, adware or malware software that slow down your use and be as the first day you bought it. Windows and Macintosh systems supported.


remove viruses/adware/malware programs

get cleaned from viruses, adware or malware programs and use your computer again with safety. we will perform a full system scan with official antivirus to ensure there are no viruses have left and you are totally cleaned

operating system cleanup/tuneup

We will clean your programs temporary files (no personal data), cookies etc

hard disk check

We will run extended tests to check the healthiness of your hardisks. Get informed if there is a danger loosing your data.

improve boot up times and speed up your computer

tired of slow computer? our technicians team will make your computer fast again

personal data protection check

we will check and ensure that no one has access to your data and no spyware programs or browser plugins are installed

custom request

you have the option to make a custom request at our technicians team for anything you need